Einzigartige Schwimmbad und Jacuzzi auf dem Dach des Hotels.


AttractionsFitness und Entspannung

Im Hotel Sol Marina Palace kann jeder sein Eckchen finden!

Es lockt Suchenden nach Erholung mit eine gemuetliche Atmosphaehre an, Suchenden nach Emozionen - mit seinen atraktiven Lokalen, Suchenden nach Businesserfolgen - mit einer geeigneten Umgebung fuer das Durchfuehren von Seminaren, Empfaengen und Kokteils.

Sol Marina Palace zieht auch den Sportgeist von all seinen Gaesten an!

Im letzten Stockwerk des Hotels befindet sich der  Fitnesssaal. Nach einem kurzen oder andauerndem Training kann man sich der verdienten Entspannung in einer erholsamen Atmosphere in den beiden Saunen hingeben, oder Sie koennen sich mit einem Erfrischungsgetraenk in der Sky - bar vergnuegen.


AttractionsMassages and body therapies

Our highly qualified staff will assists all our clients in finding the right formula for health and vitality by offering a variety of massages and body therapies: 

AROMA MASSAGE - gives the skin a beautiful glare and freshness, tones up and relaxes muscles, nourishes skin and gives the body a beautiful form; 
THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE - a manual manipulation of the body's soft tissue for the purpose of stimulating circulation and promoting relaxation. Massage is generally used for the reduction of stress and pain. It has been shown to boost the immune system as well;
CLASSICAL MASSAGE - this massage has a stimulating tonic effect on the body and the man psychology. Skin, immune and lymphatic systems are stimulated, which improves circulation, restores the cells and removes toxic substances. In this way you cope with stress, tension and restore balance in your body

AROMATHARAPY - increase the energy and good feeling of the skin. It becomes soft, shiny and tight on health

- the therapy is a real delight for the skin and soul with relaxing and rejuvenating action. contributes to the mental equilibrium and fills with positive energy. Nourishes the skin, stimulates regenerative processes, prevent the appearance of wrinkles, gives a brilliant and even the type of the tan. For all the wonderful qualities contribute contained in Cocoa polifenolni compounds that have the property to delay the process of aging

balance the hydration of the skin and tissues, improves blood circulation and lymph flow, restores and filled with minerals and vitamins polifenoli. Powerful antioxidant action preserves youth and freshness, tone and maintain health

-  the combination of honey and milk "wash out" the stress and act relaxed on the body and soul

- the relaxation is the main effect of reflexotherapy.